Love Where I Live

Today I went to block island which is a small island off point Judith (Rhode Island where I live) and it is just so incredible how beautiful my state is. We went with some family that’s come down from Canada in a completely landlocked region so it’s been so long since they’ve seen the ocean. Me, having grown up around it found it hard to get my head around the idea of not being able to drive 5 minutes and watch the waves stroke in and out. These little things we take for granted are sometimes the things we can’t live without.



Lessons Everywhere

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t”.

Think back on everyone you’ve met. The people you like, the ones you don’t. Everyone has something to share with you and I think this is a very valuable lesson. So next time you meet someone you don’t relate to, try to find something they can teach you. The more you learn the better a person you’ll be. Looking at it this way seems to make it easier–at least for me.

This is true with life as well. I’d like to believe that everything happens for a reason and good can come out of even the worst situations-you may learn something.

I Promise It’s Worth It

I wish people were still friendly like they used to be. It doesn’t take much effort to just smile at people when they walk by or exchange small talk. People are so caught up in their own lives to open their eyes and notice what’s going on around them. It can not only change your whole life to just be more aware and compassionate, but it can make someone’s day–and that is definitely worth it.


It’s seems that many things in life are about perspective. If you travel to paradise and are expecting to see crystal clear blue water you may be disappointed when u walk up on the beach and see regular blue. However if you get a new perspective, like say arriving to the beach on a boat where your above the water- it’s a whole new experience. This is true on life aswell, when you have a problem and your looking too close it’s very hard to find the answer but if you step back and get a new perspective things will become more clear